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5 Dec 2021

Rick Hester Seminar

"Our Behavior Change Toolkit"

Sunday, 1-3 p.m.


Call for more information

Open to instructors, students, and friends of COSDTC! Seminar is over half full!

8 Dec 2021

Annual Christmas Party 2021


Mi Mexico!

Party Room seats up to 50 people.

Dinner, Cocktails, and

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Past Events

Myra Savant-Harris July 2019

Pet First Aid & CPR August 2019

Dr. Temple Grandin December 2019

Sue Oviatt-Harris Obedience Workshops (4) 2019/2020

Shannon Shepherd Obedience Workshops (4) 2019/2020

Julie Hill Obedience Seminar February 2020

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo trip March 2020

The Canine Eye Seminar with Dr. Lori Best March 2020

Pikes Peak Dancing Dogs 8 video competition February 2021

USCSS Nosework Trial April 2021

Christmas Party in July!   July 2021

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center September 2021

Odor Recognition Test September 2021

Raptor Seminar with Nature's Educators October 2021

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo trip October 2021

Canyon City River Walk Field Trip October 2021

Nature's Educators Raptors Field Trip October 2021

DAPPR Intro to Scentwork Seminar November 2021


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Thanks to all who attended and helped!  You made these events very special!