Companion Dog Program

Obedience: Pet dog obedience covers the basics for a companion dog: loose-leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, and more.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is an AKC program with three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Urban. Dogs who have graduated from basic obedience are encouraged to continue with the CGC program to help their dogs mature and get more experience in public settings.

Therapy Dog is a program where dogs are taught to interact with people and provide comfort and support. Therapy dog training comes after basic obedience. Most therapy dog organizations require certified therapy dogs to have a CGC title. This class follows the protocols set forth by Pet Partners. Testing and certification is done through Pet Partners. This class gets the dog and handler ready for the test.

Performance Sports Program

Conformation & Handling: Conformation drop-in classes are held on Tuesday nights.  These sessions prepare the dog and handler for the conformation show ring.  Breeders are encouraged to bring their dogs and puppies. If you are a proud new owner of a purebred dog, this is where you can learn the sport and meet some great people! Juniors are encouraged to participate! Conformation is fundamentally important to promoting and maintaining structurally sound dogs that conform to their breed standards. Many of our client's dogs are invited to Westminster and many have earned significant wins!

Competition Obedience classes train dog and handler teams for the AKC obedience program. (The instructors are also familiar with rules for other organizations.) Classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays along with special workshops on Sundays. Whether you are just starting out at the Novice level (which we really encourage you to do!) or you are at the top of your game in Open or Utility, this is where you can hone your skills for competition. Earning a Companion Dog Title (Novice level) is achievable for most dogs and can count towards a Versatility Title.  Instructors can then teach you the exercises for Open and Utility. Instructors and fellow students can help you fill out your entry paperwork for shows, as well as explain the logistics for setting up at a show, when to be in the ring, and how big you should smile when you get your qualifying ribbon!

Competition Rally is an AKC program which complements obedience training and teaches the dog important skills. Rally classes are scheduled on various Sunday afternoons and Friday mornings. Check the calendar page for the schedule.

Competition Scent Work is for all ages and all breeds of dogs.  Classes include skill development, games, and challenging exercises.

Puppy Program

Puppy Kindergarten: classes are offered throughout the week for puppies who are 12 weeks (with the second series of shots) to 20 weeks. Training includes handling, moving on a loose leash, sits, downs, recalls, and confidence-building.
Puppies may come to class three times per week!
Advanced Puppy:  Training for adolescent puppies who are a little older.  Classes focus on good manners, basic obedience, and more confidence work.  We want the puppies to enjoy learning and to bond with their owners.  All classes are positive and positively enjoyable for puppy and handler!

Helper Dog Program

Do you need help around the house?  Is it difficult to bend over to pick up things you've dropped?  Would your quality of life be better if you had a little helper?

This program helps you train your dog for mobility assistance and tasks for daily living.  The tasks trained in this program are many of the same taught to Service Dogs.   Training is personalized to your current and future needs.  It is designed to teach your dog to perform tasks that contribute to your daily life.

Dogs enjoy having a job and being part of your life.  This program improves your relationship with your dog and helps make your life a little easier.

Therapy Dog Program

We offer a comprehensive program to help you train your dog to be an absolutely amazing therapy dog.  At the conclusion of successful training, your dog will be ready to test, then to go to work comforting people in a variety of facilities.  We follow the protocols of Pet Partners.

Creative Program

Freestyle: This is also known as 'dancing with your dog'.  You can just learn the basics or you can compete for titles. Freestyle rules require the dog to work on both sides of the handler (beginner) as well as in the front and behind the handler (advanced). Accuracy and precision increases your scores. Heeling on both sides of the handler is fundamental to a good routine. Class is offered on Wednesday afternoons and focuses on designing routines and creating behavior chains. Students are encouraged to take a Rally-Free class first and must have completed basic obedience training.  Most work is done off-leash so dogs must play well with others.

Rally-Free: Created by Julie Flanery, this competition sport teaches beginner to champion level Freestyle moves in a rally format (a course with signs). Skills taught in this class are transferrable to regular Freestyle.  Classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dogs must have completed basic obedience.

Trick Dog: A very popular class which teaches beginner to advanced level tricks. Dogs may earn AKC titles or titles through Do More With Your Dog (Kyra Sundance). This class gives your dog a brain vacation from the more challenging classes! Open to puppies through adult dogs! Classes are offered throughout the week.  This is a great class for kids!

Challenge Class: You've never had a class like this before! Handlers will be challenged to teach their dogs unique and complex behaviors. Class size is limited to three dog/handler teams who must be pre-approved. Class is only offered once a year and continues for several weeks.

Play & Games: Offered occasionally throughout the year. Includes a confidence course and fun games for both the dog and handler! This is just one class... not a series.

Kids Program

Open to kids age 6-16!
Basic Obedience Class
Canine Good Citizen Class
Trick Dog Class

Typically held during the Summer months but with enough interest we can hold a class at any time.

See our ad in Colorado Springs Kids Magazine.

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